Table 5: Mean radial velocities (in  ${\rm km~ s^{-1}}$) of the most numerous species, absorption and emission of Cr  II, Fe  II, and [Fe  II] emission. The number of lines is given in parentheses.
  1995 1999 2001
Cr  II a $25.4\pm1.3$(10) $25.4\pm1.4$(11) $21.8\pm0.8$(4)
Cr  II e $23.6\pm1.3$(11) $23.1\pm1.2$(11) $18.6\pm2.0$(4)
Fe  II a $29.4\pm0.7$(58) $28.2\pm0.6$(59) $24.2\pm0.6$(35)
Fe  II e $25.8\pm0.5$(69) $24.5\pm0.4$(64) $21.6\pm0.5$(47)
[Fe  II] $21.5\pm0.5$(85) $22.5\pm0.4$(77) $21.4\pm0.3$(32)

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