Table 12: logarithm of the minimum ${\rm Fe^{+}}$ column density $\frac{{N}_{\rm c}}{g_{\rm c}}$(for an excitation potential $\chi_{\rm c}=2.75~ $eV) of both components emission line region at the different epochs studied. The first line display (N) the narrow component region values, while the second line displays (B) the broad component region ones.
year 1995 1999 2001

$\log\frac{N_{\rm c}}{g_{\rm c}}$ (N)

$14.6\pm0.1$ $14.9\pm0.1$ $14.73\pm0.1$
$\log\frac{N_{\rm c}}{g_{\rm c}}$ (B) $14.4\pm0.1$ $14.5\pm0.1$ $14.5\pm0.1$

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