Table 2: Complex refractive indices ( $m=n+{\rm i}~k$) at a wavelength $\lambda $ for a mixture of carbonaceous materials, magnesium-rich silicate, and iron-bearing sulfide.
${{f}_{{\rm or}}}^{{a}}$ $m~{\rm at}~\lambda=450~{\rm nm}$ $m~{\rm at}~\lambda=600~{\rm nm}$
0.00 $1.85+{\rm i}~6.07\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.98+{\rm i}~6.43\times{10}^{-1}$
0.05 $1.85+{\rm i}~5.92\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.98+{\rm i}~6.26\times{10}^{-1}$
0.10 $1.84+{\rm i}~5.76\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.97+{\rm i}~6.08\times{10}^{-1}$
0.15 $1.84+{\rm i}~5.61\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.97+{\rm i}~5.91\times{10}^{-1}$
0.20 $1.84+{\rm i}~5.45\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.96+{\rm i}~5.73\times{10}^{-1}$
0.25 $1.84+{\rm i}~5.30\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.96+{\rm i}~5.56\times{10}^{-1}$
0.30 $1.84+{\rm i}~5.14\times{10}^{-1}$ $1.95+{\rm i}~5.38\times{10}^{-1}$
a The volume fraction of organic refractory occupying carbonaceous materials
is given as  ${f}_{{\rm or}}$ and thus that of amorphous carbon is $1-{f}_{{\rm or}}$.

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