Table 5: Statistical overview of the averages and ranges of the physical properties of the 63 oscillations in coronal loop footpoints found in this study combined with that in De Moortel et al. (2002a). Note that the uncertainty in the parameters is taken to be the standard error in the mean,  $\sigma _{M}$.
Parameter Average Range
Footpoint Length, L $28.1 \pm 1.3$ Mm 7.0-54.6 Mm
Footpoint Width, ${\it w}$ $8.6 \pm 0.3$ Mm 3.5-14.9 Mm
Footpoint Divergence ${\it w_{\rm d}}$ $0.24 \pm 0.02$ 0.05-0.71
Oscillation Period, P $284.0 \pm 10.4$ s 145-550 s
Propagation Speed, v $99.7 \pm 3.9$ km s-1 ${\it O}(45){-}{\it O}(205)$ km s-1
Relative Amplitude, A $3.7\% \pm 0.2\%$ $0.7{-}14.6\%$
Detection Length, $L_{\rm d}$ $8.3 \pm 0.6$ Mm 2.9-23.2 Mm
Energy Flux, F $313 \pm 26$ erg cm-2 s-1 68-1560 erg cm-2 s-1

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