Table 1: Best fit NFW model parameters and their 68% CL uncertainty (marginalized over all the other parameters). (SL) corresponds to a model in which weak lensing constraints are ignored whereas (SL+WL) takes both strong and weak lensing constraints into account. (1) Refers to the CHANDRA X-rays values of Allen et al. (2001). The apparent disagreement between their estimates and ours is discussed in the text.
  (SL) (SL+WL) (1) Unit
$\kappa_{\rm s}$ $0.67\pm0.05$ $0.66\pm0.03$ $0.30\pm0.15$  
$r_{\rm s}$ $\rm 158^{+15}_{-13}$ $\rm 162^{+11}_{-9}$ $160\pm30$ $~h_{\rm 70}^{-1}~{\rm kpc}$
$r_{\rm 200}$ $1.88\pm{0.05}$ $1.89\pm{0.04}$ $\rm 1.39^{+0.49}_{-0.38}$ $~h_{\rm 70}^{-1}~{\rm Mpc}$
$M_{\rm 200}$ $\rm 7.56^{+0.63}_{-0.54}$ $\rm 7.72^{+0.47}_{-0.42}$ - $10^{14}~h_{\rm 70}^{-1}~M_{\odot}$
c $\rm 11.92^{+0.77}_{-0.74}$ $11.73\pm0.55$ $\rm 8.7^{+1.2}_{-0.9}$  
q $0.774\pm0.010$ $0.777\pm0.007$ -  
$\psi_0$ $5.86\pm0.14$ $5.88\pm0.13$ - deg
$\Upsilon_V$ $2.40\pm0.45$ $2.48\pm0.39$ - $~h_{\rm 70}~(M/L)_\odot$

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