Table 1: Spectral features used in the abundance analysis. Main contributing ions are indicated. For each binary component, the equivalent width W of all the absorption over the spectral interval specified in Cols. 2 and 4 is given in Cols. 3 and 5. The values between brackets are the corresponding W measured in the #201 spectrum blurred to the rotation velocity of component A resp. B (and in #180, behind the semicolon in the fourth column).
\begin{tabular}{l\vert cr@{ }r@{ ; }r\vert cr@{ }r}
...9$^3$) & 4659.75--4663.28 & 93 & (97) \\
1 With contribution from weak, unidentified line at $\lambda$4573.2.
2 Only in the $\Delta\lambda_{\rm A}$ interval.
3 Weak C  III lines at edges of interval contribute partly.

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