Table 5: Data for objects with no significant orbital signal in phase with the transits. N: number of measurements, v sin i: projected rotation velocity, $\langle\epsilon_{V_r}\rangle$ mean radial velocity uncertainty, rms: dispersion of radial velocity residuals, $m_{\max}$: upper limit on the mass of a transiting companion. In the case of OGLE-TR-124, the secular drift has been substracted.
Name N v sin i $\langle\epsilon_{V_r}\rangle$ rms $m_{\max}$
    [km s-1] [km s-1] [km s-1] [ $\!\;{M}_{\rm J}$]
OGLE-TR-109 8 35.4 $\pm$ 1.8 1.0 1.9 45
OGLE-TR-124 8 6.3 $\pm$ 0.1 0.055 0.090 0.1
OGLE-TR-131 8 <5 0.035 0.037 0.2

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