Table 1: Orbital parameters for single-lined systems. Columns 2-9: Parameters of the orbital solution. P: revised period, $T_{\rm tr}$ (OGLE): epoch of the transit (fixed), $P_{\rm OGLE}$: original OGLE period, $T_{\rm p}$: epoch of periastron, w: omega angle, K: orbital semi-amplitude, V0: systemic velocity, e: eccentricity. Column 10: projected rotation velocity from the cross-correlation function.
\begin{displaymath}\begin{tabular}{l l l l l l l@{~}c@{~}l l@{~}c@{~}l l@{~}c@{~...
... & $\pm$ & 0.001 & 11.9 & $\pm$ & 0.4 \\

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