Table 5: Supernova observation summary.

Archive id.b UT date zc Phased
2002bo 2002bo 06 Dec. 2002 0.0042 +258
2002gr sloan9 11 Oct. 2002 0.091 +14$^{\dag }$
2002go sloan5 11 Oct. 2002 0.236 +2$^{\dag }$
a IAU designation.
b Target name for search in the ESO archive.
c Redshift determined from nebular lines in the host galaxy.
d SN phase in rest-frame days from B-band maximum. Phases marked with $^{\dag }$ have been determined from cross-correlations
with local SN Ia templates using the SuperNova IDentification (SNID) code (Tonry et al. 2005).

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