Table 4: Specinholucy parameters.

$\sigma _{\rm kernel}$ FWHM SN+bgc SN/bgd
  [pixels] DIMM SSF    
2002bo_1 4.0 6.25 6.93 63.6 4.8
2002bo_2 4.0 7.95 6.57 62.5 4.6


2.2 5.85 3.46 9.0 1.4


3.5 5.75 3.97 5.2 2.1
a IAU designation. Note that two spectra were taken of SN 2002bo.
b Mean FWHM in pixels of the Gaussian seeing corresponding to the DIMM station measurement or to the SSF used to extract the spectrum.
c Mean number of counts (ADU) in the dispersion direction of the input 2D spectrum at the location of the SN.
d Ratio of the integrated SN flux and that of the underlying background. One can calculate the mean signal-to-noise per pixel using ${\rm SNR\ pix}^{-1} = {\rm SN/bg}+1$.

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