Table 2: Spectral indices and types, distance estimates and kinematics.
Name TiO5 CaH1 CaH2 CaH3  Sp.Type $d_{{\rm spec}}$ vt vr U V W
SSSPM J..           [pc] [km s-1] [km s-1] [km s-1] [km s-1] [km s-1]
1013-1356 0.208 0.174 0.116 0.200   sdM9.5  $50\pm15$ 245 +6a $+145\pm63$ $-140\pm62$ $-137\pm62$
1138-7722 0.254 0.729 0.305 0.615       M5.5   8$\pm$1 82 -50a $-95\pm16$ $+2\pm22$ $+14\pm07$
1148-7458         >DC11c     $36\pm5^d$ 296 0g $-185\pm39$ $-148\pm36$ $+175\pm35$
                -50g $-209\pm39$ $-106\pm36$ $+186\pm35$
                +50g $-162\pm39$ $-191\pm36$ $+164\pm35$
            $17\pm2^e$ 140 0g $-88\pm17$ $-70\pm23$ $+83\pm12$
                -50g $-111\pm17$ $-27\pm23$ $+94\pm12$
                +50g $-64\pm17$ $-113\pm23$ $+71\pm12$
            $18\pm3^f$ 148 0g $-93\pm22$ $-74\pm26$ $+87\pm18$
                -50g $-116\pm22$ $-32\pm26$ $+99\pm18$
                +50g $-69\pm22$ $-117\pm26$ $+76\pm18$
1358-3938            $\sim$M3.5b 23+11-6 214 0g $+144\pm53$ $+78\pm32$ $-137\pm49$
                -50g $+109\pm53$ $+109\pm32$ $-155\pm49$
                +50g $+178\pm53$ $+46\pm32$ $-119\pm49$
1530-8146 0.807 0.651 0.572 0.755   sdM1.5  $185\pm29$ 581 -205a $-534\pm78$ $-239\pm74$ $+188\pm23$
1549-3544         >DC11c     $10\pm2^d$ 38 0g $-13\pm23$ $-36\pm12$ $-1\pm07$
                -50g $-58\pm23$ $-20\pm12$ $-14\pm07$
                +50g $+33\pm23$ $-52\pm12$ $+12\pm07$
            $3\pm1^e$ 11 0g $-4\pm23$ $-11\pm09$ $-0\pm07$
                -50g $-49\pm23$ $+6\pm09$ $-13\pm07$
                +50g $+42\pm23$ $-27\pm09$ $+13\pm07$
            $4\pm1^f$ 15 0g $-5\pm23$ $-14\pm10$ $-0\pm07$
                -50g $-51\pm23$ $+2\pm10$ $-13\pm07$
                +50g $+40\pm23$ $-31\pm10$ $+13\pm07$
1930-4311 0.288 0.354 0.210 0.387   sdM7.0  $73\pm12$ 301 -262a $-288\pm25$ $-270\pm57$ $+50\pm17$
T3            dG5    (70+50-20)h 84 -64a $-66\pm25$ $-81\pm35$ $-15\pm05$
            $370\pm80^i$ 444 -64a $-76\pm25 $ $-438\pm122$ $-51\pm15$
a - Measured radial velocities, errors are about $\pm$25 km s-1.
b - Spectral type estimate from colours (see text and Table 1).
c - Preliminary, conservative spectral type estimate.
d - Photometric distance estimate from Eq. (1) using (standard) corrected SSS magnitudes (see Table 1).
e - Photometric distance estimate from Eq. (1) using uncorrected SSS magnitudes (see Table 1).
f - Adopted distance estimate from 2MASS photometry of comparison objects and preferred use of uncorrected SSS magnitudes in Eq. (1).
g - Assumed radial velocity values with assumed errors $\pm$25 km s-1.
h - Assumed distance based on Hipparcos parallax measurements of other G-type main sequence stars with similar proper motions.
i - Assumed distance based on zero extinction in $K_{\rm s}$ band.

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