Table 1: The parameters of the sinusoidal curve fitted to the sum of the mean latitudes of sunspots of the two hemispheres by linear least squares for three different periods. Numbers in parenthesis denote the formal errors in the last digits.
  PHD DFT Pulkkinen et al. (1999)
P [d] $37~900\pm100$ $42~340\pm1~000$ $33~900\pm950^{a}$
a0 [$^\circ$] -0.331706(28) -0.383840(28) -0.303106(29)
a1 [$^\circ$] 1.013833(39) 0.337501(40) 1.414234(39)
b1 [$^\circ$] -1.043614(39) -1.323759(39) -0.361780(40)
$\chi^2$ 6.3164324 6.3197944 6.3222383
a Note: For fitting we use only the period, because their fitted
  sinusoidal profile did not contain a constant parameter
  (see Eq. (1) in Pulkkinen et al. 1999).

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