Table 2: The stellar yields (expressed in solar masses) as derived in this paper, namely those that produce the best agreement with observations.
$m(M_{\odot}$) K Sc Ti Cr Mn Co Ni
11.00 .4040E-04 .2564E-05 .3300E-03 .2037E-02 .1290E-03 .1272E-03 .1670E-01
12.00 .1712E-02 .2714E-05 .3960E-03 .2091E-02 .1400E-03 .2010E-04 .7000E-02
13.00 .6160E-04 .2553E-05 .3990E-03 .1929E-02 .4490E-03 .2019E-04 .1120E-01
15.00 .2544E-03 .6751E-05 .7515E-03 .1371E-02 .4710E-03 .3030E-04 .6800E-02
18.00 .1176E-03 .2415E-05 .8400E-03 .8910E-03 .4040E-03 .4290E-04 .3760E-02
19.00 .6952E-03 .6038E-05 .8670E-03 .7980E-03 .2060E-03 .7710E-04 .4680E-02
20.00 .7496E-03 .1086E-04 .8700E-03 .5400E-03 .2130E-03 .8160E-04 .4440E-02
22.00 .1200E-02 .2530E-04 .8940E-04 .4050E-03 .2300E-03 .8820E-04 .1120E-01
25.00 .4032E-03 .2622E-05 .7500E-04 .3900E-03 .2580E-03 .7500E-03 .7590E-02
30.00 .2648E-03 .1610E-05 .1500E-03 .4500E-03 .1040E-03 .8070E-03 .3350E-01
35.00 .1328E-03 .1345E-05 .4500E-03 .4500E-03 .1330E-03 .7950E-03 .2040E-02
40.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .9120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
50.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .6120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
60.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .3120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
70.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .3120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
80.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .3120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
90.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .3120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02
100.00 .8960E-04 .1621E-05 .4560E-03 .3120E-04 .1340E-03 .8250E-03 .2120E-02

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