Table 1: The stellar yields (expressed in solar masses) as derived in this paper, namely those that produce the best agreement with observations. Yields for O are identical to metal dependent yields of WW95.
$m(M_{\odot}$) Mg Si Ca Fe Zn
11.00 .6440E-01 .2170E-01 .1400E-02 .8000E-01 .3510E-04
12.00 .5740E-01 .9090E-01 .1500E-01 .5500E-01 .3360E-04
13.00 .1148E+00 .5850E-01 .3600E-02 .1460E+00 .4500E-04
15.00 .1869E+00 .1100E+00 .1110E-01 .1297E+00 .7280E-04
18.00 .3864E+00 .1370E+00 .6900E-02 .8300E-01 .1060E-03
19.00 .1757E+00 .2770E+00 .1380E-01 .1170E+00 .1560E-03
20.00 .2191E+00 .2880E+00 .1480E-01 .1060E+00 .3160E-03
22.00 .2912E+00 .3560E+00 .1770E-01 .2225E+00 .3240E-03
25.00 .7000E-01 .3150E+00 .1690E-01 .1500E+00 .4070E-03
30.00 .7000E-01 .3160E+00 .1340E-01 .2500E-01 .3818E-03
35.00 .7000E-01 .1120E+00 .1600E-02 .2770E-01 .4176E-03
40.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
50.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
60.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
70.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
80.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
90.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03
100.00 .7000E-01 .5460E-01 .1600E-02 .2830E-01 .3710E-03

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