Table 2: Multi-temperature fitting to the quiescent and flaring state of AT Mic; 1$\sigma $ uncertainties are given in the last digits in parentheses.
log $N_{\rm H}$ [cm-2]18.3c18.3c18.3c18.3c
T1 [MK]3.16(.10)2.94(.10)2.91(.17)2.71(.20)
T2 [MK]7.77(.13)7.54(.14)8.57(.34)7.80(.27)
T3 [MK]23.0(1.0)27.9(2.3)33.9(3.2)32.8(5.1)
EM1 [1051 cm-3]2.34(.16)3.86(.41)2.71(.31)4.95(1.3)
EM2 [1051 cm-3]4.85(.26)8.58(.93)4.27(.42)10.9(4.0)
EM3 [1051 cm-3]4.99(.20)5.51(.44)12.47(.61)16.5(1.9)
$EM_{\rm total}$[1051 cm-3]12.2(.5)17.8(1.1)19.5(.8)32.4(4.6)
$n_{\rm e}$(O) [1010 cm-3]d1.9(1.5)1.4(1.4)4(-3,+5)3(-3,+4)
$L_{\rm x}$ [1029 erg/s]e2.05(.08)2.26(.14)3.54(.15)3.98(.57)
Mg/O  7.65 eV0.51(.06)0.44(.09)1.00(.22)0.68(.28)
Fe/O    7.87 eV0.34(.02)0.31(.05)0.56(.04)0.45(.16)
Si/O     8.15 eV0.60(.06)0.69(.11)0.72(.22)0.68(28)
C/O    11.26 eV1.00(.10)1.01(.19)0.83(.21)0.84(.30)
O/O    13.62 eV1.00(.05)1.00(.14)1.00(.10)1.00(.25)
N/O    14.53 eV0.86(.09)0.73(.16)0.58(.27)0.51(.31)
Ne/O   21.56 eV1.52(.08)1.48(.20)1.90(.21)1.50(.49)
O/H     13.62 eV1.57(.05)0.96(.09)1.43(.10)0.71(.13)
$EM_{\rm total}$$~\times$ O/H19.2(1.0)17.1(2.0)27.9(2.3)23.0(5.3)
a Based on good time interval (with low solar proton flux) and excluding the stellar flare (see Fig. 5).
b Data stands for "fit weight data" and model stands for "fit weight model".
c Fixed at literature value from Monsignori Fossi et al. (1995).
d Based on O VII lines only.
e In the 0.3-10 keV energy interval.

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