Table 6: Final results from this study.

Hubble type (NED) Hubble type (this work) EE class Isolation Profile Notes

SBc(LINER) SA(r)cd pec   ADCG   R, K
KPG29B E? E3   ADCG    
KPG38B S0? E1.5   ADCG    
KPG61A SA(rs)bc pec SA(rs)ab pec 6     R
KPG61B E SAB0     F B
KPG62A S0+: E1   ACGC    
KPG62B Sb S0/a pec   ACGC    
KPG86A SBc Scd 2     K
KPG86B S0 (Sy1) SAB0 pec     F B
KPG101A SAB(s)ab SB(r)b 8 ACGC   R, B
KPG101B E E1 pec   ACGC    
KPG129A S0 S0        
KPG129B S0/a S0/a pec        
KPG162A S0 E2 pec   ADCG    
KPG162B Sb SABbc       B?
KPG260A S? SB(r)a pec   ADCG, ACGC   R, B, TA
KPG260B E E2.5   ADCG, ACGC    
KPG552A Sa (Sy2) SAB(rs)ab 11     R, B, K
KPG552B compact: HII (Sy2) E2 pec        
KPG591A I0: I0:   ADCG + K
KPG591B SAB(rs)bc SB(r)bc 11 ADCG   R, B, K
ADCG = Apparent Dwarf Companion Galaxy in the Filed. ACGC = Apparent Companion Galaxy of Comparable Size.
B = Bar. K = Knot. R = Ring. TA = Tidal Arms. F = Flat Color Profile. + = Positive Gradient in Color Profile.

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