Table 1: Fit parameters for a $\beta $ model centred on M1 and M2: S0 is the central surface brightness, $r_{\rm c}$ is the core radius, and $\beta $ is the slope parameter.
region S0 in counts s-1 arcmin-2 $r_{\rm c}$ in arcmin $\beta $
M2 $8.6 \pm 0.4\times10^{-2}$ $1.11 \pm0.07$ $0.68 \pm 0.03$
M1 $6.8 \pm 0.5\times10^{-2}$ $\rm 1.16^{+0.18}_{-0.15}$ $\rm0.66^{+0.07}_{-0.05}$

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