Table 2: Model parameters for the $\nu _2$ band of gas-phase H2O $^{{\rm a}}$.
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\end{array} \end{displaymath}\end{table}
$^{{\rm a}}$ For b=5 km s-1.
$^{{\rm b}}$ From Lahuis & van Dishoeck (2000), unless otherwise noted.
$^{{\rm c}}$ N(H2O)/N(H $_2^{{\rm hot}}$).
$^{{\rm d}}$ Using N(13CO) from Giannakopoulou et al. (1997), adopting 12CO/ $^{13}\rm CO=60$ and 12CO/H$_2=2\times10^{-4}$.
$^{{\rm e}}$ $T_{{\rm ex}}$(C2H2) from Boonman et al. (2003a).
$^{{\rm f}}$ $T_{{\rm ex}}$(C2H2) from Lahuis & van Dishoeck (2000).
$^{{\rm g}}$ $T_{{\rm ex}}$(12CO) from Lacy et al. (1994).
$^{{\rm h}}$ $T_{{\rm ex}}$(13CO) from Mitchell et al. (1990).

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