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How to submit a manuscript

Any submission of Letters, regular articles, or Research Notes should be made via the A&A Manuscript Management System (MMS). Errata should be sent as a PDF file by e-mail to the  A&A Editorial Office .

The Editor-in-Chief is: The Letters Editor-in-Chief is:
A&A Editorial Office
Observatoire de Paris
61 avenue de l'Observatoire
75014 Paris - France
Tel. (33) (0)1 43 29 05 41
Fax (33) (0)1 43 29 05 57
e-mail: aanda.paris@obspm.fr
ftp: aanda.obspm.fr
University of Vienna
Department of Astrophysics
Türkenschanzstraße 17
1180 Vienna - Austria
e-mail: joao.alves@univie.ac.at

The submission process consists of two steps:

  1. Register your new submission on the A&A Manuscript Management System (MMS)
  2. Upload your manuscript directly to the MMS or to the A&A FTP site.

1. Registering your manuscript on the MMS

In order to register your new submission, you need to enter your author identifier. This is a unique and confidential number that is attributed to you upon your first submission to A&A. If you have submitted a paper to A&A before, you already have an author identifier. If you publish regularly with us, it is a good idea to note your author number for future reference.

If you are a new A&A author, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and an identifier will be attributed to you.

If you have forgotten your author identifier, go to the MMS. Click on New submission (on the left side of the page) and follow the links for retrieving your number. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and your identifier will be mailed to the given address if MMS finds a correspondence between the e-mail address you entered and an A&A author.

If you have recently changed your e-mail address, do NOT fill out a new registration form, but instead contact the Editorial Office at aanda.paris@obspm.fr and your author identifier will be communicated to you.


2. Uploading your manuscript file

You will first need to prepare your manuscript as a single PDF (preferred) or PostScript file.

-  Your manuscript files size is less than or equal to 50 Mbytes. Upload your file directly to the MMS .

-  Your manuscript file size is larger than 3 Mbytes. You must upload your file to our FTP site at ftp mms-aanda.obspm.fr

A typical sequence of commands for sending your file is as follows:

ftp mms-aanda.obspm.fr
login: anonymous
password: your e-mail address
cd incoming
mkdir your directory
cd your directory
put your\_file.pdf
This is a typical sequence of commands for sending your file.


When loading a PDF file, always use the BINARY option otherwise we will not be able to read your file.

Note that the incoming folder is not read-enabled for obvious security reasons; therefore, you will not be able to check that your file has been transferred.

There have been rare reports of access problems to the server that are apparently attributed to some combinations of FTP clients and operating systems. In case of a problem, you might want to try using a different computer or FTP client to load your paper before contacting us.



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