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Volume 420, Number 2, June III 2004
Page(s) 769 - 774
Section Atomic, molecular and nuclear data
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20035728

A&A 420, 769-774 (2004)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20035728

Stark broadening parameters in singly and doubly ionized fluorine spectra

A. Sreckovic1, 2, S. Bukvic1, 2, S. Djenize1, 2 and M. S. Dimitrijevic2, 3

1  Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, 11001 Belgrade, PO Box 368, Serbia
2  Isaac Newton Institute of Chile, Yugoslavia Branch, Belgrade, Serbia
3  Astronomical Observatory, 11160 Belgrade, Volgina 7, Serbia
    e-mail: steva@ff.bg.ac.yu

(Received 22 November 2003 / Accepted 1 March 2004 )

Stark widths (W) and shifts (d) of 5 singly ionized fluorine (F II) spectral lines within the $\rm 3s{ -} 3p$, $\rm 3s'{-} 3p'$ and $\rm 3d{-} 4f$ transitions and 5 doubly ionized fluorine (F III) spectral lines within the $\rm 3s{ -} 3p$ transition have been measured in a linear, low-pressure, pulsed arc discharge created in SF6 plasma at $30\,400{-}33\,600$ K electron temperatures and at $(2.75{-}2.80)\times
10^{23}$  m -3 electron densities. For Stark parameters of two F II and five F III lines there are no other experimental data. The widths and shifts have also been calculated using the semiclassical perturbation formalism (SCPF) (taking into account the impurity of energy levels, i.e. that the atomic energy levels are expressed as a mix of different configurations due to the configuration interaction). Calculations have been performed for temperatures between 5000 K and 100 000 K for the F II spectral lines and between 10 000 K and 300 000 K for the F III spectral lines for electrons, protons and helium ions as perturbers. Our measured and theoretical Stark parameters are compared with existing experimental and theoretical data. Tolerable agreement was found among them.

Key words: lines: profiles -- atomic data

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