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Volume 387, Number 2, May IV 2002
Page(s) L25 - L28
Section Letters
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20020509

A&A 387, L25-L28 (2002)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20020509


Search for decametric occultations of Io flux tube by Ganymede

A. V. Arkhipov (O. V. Arkhypov)

Institute of Radio Astronomy, Nat. Acad. Sc. of Ukraine, Chervonopraporna 4, 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

(Received 5 December 2001 / Accepted 2 April 2002)

The satellite Ganymede sometimes occults the sources of the Jovian decameter radiation (DAM) associated with Io magnetic field line. The basic parameters of Ganymede occultations are calculated for 1990-2010. One of these events is found to coincide with a Io-A radio storm, which has been recorded in Nancay Observatory on 17 April 1994. In spite of the difficulty to identify the satellite shadow on sporadic DAM, the ratio of frequency emitted to calculated gyromagnetic frequency of electrons in the source is tentatively estimated as $ f / f_{{\rm c}} \geq 1.11 \pm 0.02$. Formally, this limit contradicts the present generation theories where $f_{{\rm c}}$ in the DAM source is much closer to 1. Hence, improvements to the magnetic model (VIP4) or of the distortion of the Io flux tube are needed. Two possible shadows of the satellite are tentatively identified on the DAM frequency-time spectrogram. Multiple occultations are indeed possible in the Alfven wave model of Io-DAM interaction, and the lead angle of the emitting field line is not well known. That is why the tentative location of the radio source is made for both variants.

Key words: planets and satellites: individual -- occultations -- magnetic fields -- radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

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