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Volume 377, Number 3, October III 2001
Page(s) 801 - 811
Section Extragalactic astronomy
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20011138

A&A 377, 801-811 (2001)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20011138

HI observations of nearby galaxies

IV. More dwarf galaxies in the southern sky
W. K. Huchtmeier1, I. D. Karachentsev2 and V. E. Karachentseva3

1  Max-Plank-Institut für Radioastronomie, Auf dem Hügel 69, 53121 Bonn, Germany,
2  Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences, N. Arkhyz, KChR, 369167, Russia
3  Astronomical Observatory of Kiev University, Observatorna, 3, 04053 Kiev, Ukraine

(Received 19 June 2001 / Accepted 2 August 2001)

In this paper we present H I observations of nearby galaxies from two more lists of the Karachentsev catalog of candidates for nearby dwarf galaxies in the southern sky. Observations north of declination $-31\degr$ were performed with the 100-m radio telescope at Effelsberg. Data for more southern galaxies were taken from HIPASS (www.atnf.csiro.au/research/multibeam). This sample is a supplement to the list of 94 southern dwarf galaxy candidates (1998, A& AS, 127, 409) located in the same declination range around the known Local Volume galaxies (i.e. galaxies within 10 Mpc, LV hereafter). We observed 17 galaxies not observed in the previous sample; and all 67 candidate dwarf galaxies from the SERC EJ sky survey (Karachentsev et al. 2000) and 81 objects from a supplementary list of candidate dwarf galaxies (Karachentseva & Karachentsev 2000). This yields a total of 165 (= 17 + 67 + 81) galaxies. Overall we have a detection rate of 48% . The sample of detected galaxies has the following median parameters: radial velocity $V_{\rm LG}= 1127$ km s-1, H I line width W50 = 59 km s-1, absolute blue magnitude $ M_{\rm BT}^{\rm0} =
-14.4$ mag, linear diameter $A_{\rm0} = 4.0$ kpc, hydrogen mass-to-luminosity ratio $ 1.6 M_{\odot}/L_{\odot}$. The sample of known galaxies within the Local Volume increased from 179 in 1979 (Kraan-Korteweg & Tammann 1979) to 387 now. This corresponds to an increase in total luminosity of 22% . The known H I mass in the LV increased by 25% ; the relative H I content $M_{\rm HI}/L_{\rm B}$ increased from 0.21 to 0.26 for the whole volume. However we still might have missed half of the dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume.

Key words: galaxies: distances and redshifts -- radio lines: galaxies

Offprint request: W. K. , huchtmeier@mpifr-mpg.de

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