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Volume 489, Number 1, October I 2008
Page(s) 1 - 9
Section Cosmology (including clusters of galaxies)
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:200809699
Published online 23 July 2008

A&A 489, 1-9 (2008)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:200809699

XMM-Newton studies of a massive cluster of galaxies: RXC J2228.6+2036

S. M. Jia1, 2, H. Böhringer1, E. Pointecouteau3, Y. Chen2, and Y. Y. Zhang4

1  Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, 85748 Garching, Germany

    e-mail: jiasm@ihep.ac.cn
2  Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, PR China
3  CESR-CNRS, 9 Av. du Colonel Roche, 31028 Toulouse, France
4  Argelander-Institut für Astronomie, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Auf dem Huegel 71, 53121 Bonn, Germany

Received 3 March 2008/ accepted 6 June 2008

We present the X-ray properties of a massive cluster of galaxies (RXC J2228.6+2036 at z = 0.421) using XMM-Newton data. The X-ray mass modeling is based on the temperature and density distributions of the intracluster medium derived using a deprojection method. We find that RXC J2228.6+2036 is a hot cluster ($T_{500}=8.92^{\rm +1.78}_{-1.32}$ keV) showing a cooling flow rate of $12.0^{\rm +56.0}_{-12.0}$ $M_{\odot}$ yr-1 based on spectral fitting within the cooling flow radius ($r_{\rm cool}$ = 147$\pm$10 kpc). The total cluster mass is M500 = (1.19$\pm$0.35)$\times$1015 $M_{\odot}$ and the mean gas mass fraction is $f_{\rm gas}$ = 0.165$\pm$0.045 at r500 = 1.61$\pm$0.16 Mpc. We discuss the PSF-correction effect on the spectral analysis and find that, for the selected annular width, the PSF-corrected temperatures are consistent with those without PSF-correction. We observe remarkable agreement between X-ray and SZ results, which is of prime importance for future SZ surveys. RXC J2228.6+2036 obeys the empirical scaling relations found in general massive galaxy clusters (e.g. ST, MT, LT and MY), after accounting for self-similar evolution.

Key words: galaxies: clusters: individual: RXC J2228.6+2036 -- X-rays: galaxies: clusters

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