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Volume 419, Number 2, May IV 2004
Page(s) 563 - 582
Section Interstellar and circumstellar matter
DOI https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20035809

A&A 419, 563-582 (2004)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20035809

Planetary nebulae near the Galactic center: Identifications

G. H. Jacoby1 and G. Van de Steene2

1  WIYN Observatory, PO Box 26732, Tucson, AZ, 85726, USA
2  Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels, Belgium

(Received 5 December 2003 / Accepted 3 February 2004)

We surveyed the central $4 \times 4$ degrees of the Galactic center for planetary nebulae in the light of [S III] $\lambda9532$ and found 94 PNe that were not previously known, plus 3 that were previously identified as possible candidates. For 63 of these 97 objects, we obtained spectra that are consistent with highly reddened PN while the other 34 could not be recovered spectroscopically and remain unverified. Of the 94 candidates, 54 and 57 were detected via radio at 3 and 6 cm, respectively. An additional 20 PNe candidates were found during follow-up H $\alpha$ imaging but have not yet been verified spectroscopically. Based on the properties of IRAS sources in this region of the Galaxy, and on the total luminosity of the Galactic bulge, the expected number of PNe is ~250, only 50% more than the 160 PNe candidates now known. Thus, surveys for PNe in the bulge are approximately two-thirds complete with the remainder likely hidden behind dust.

Key words: ISM: planetary nebulae: general -- Galaxy: bulge -- methods: observational

Offprint request: G. H. Jacoby, gjacoby@wiyn.org

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